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Thank you for your interest, but the
2016 BC Children’s Hospital Foundation
Call for Artists for the Teck Acute Care
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Thank you to all who have applied for
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Call for Artists
BC Children’s Hospital Foundation Children’s Healing Experience Project


The Project 

The Teck Acute Care tower is currently being designed and built to be the new state-of-the-art hub of BC Children’s Hospital. BC Children’s Hospital Foundation is undertaking a project to enhance the interior design of the new building with experienced-based art installations, called the Children’s Healing Experience Project.

The project seeks to enrich the healing environment of the Teck Acute Care Centre with installations that engage and comfort children, youth, family and staff and support health outcomes by integrating curated, purposeful arts to improve patient care and the physical environment.  From theming an MRI room with murals to making an MRI exam less scary, to adding colour changing LED lights in a recovery space to provide some control over the environment, the project aims to enhance the hospital environment and provide healing experiences for our young patients. 

The Children’s Healing Experience Project is governed by a committee made up with representation from the hospital, health authority, builder, patient families and senior level volunteers.  The vision is to create a unique pediatric healing environment in the Teck Acute Care Centre, drawing on resources throughout Canada. The Committee’s hope is to involve organizations and artists that can help provide a range of experiences that speak to children.  

Artist Criteria

The Committee is seeking artists who are Canadian Citizens or permanent residents with a preference for artists from British Columbia and Yukon, and are interested in providing artwork for the new hospital. Criteria for application are as follows, artists must:

  • be at least eighteen years old (youth under 18 years old are encouraged to apply under the auspices of an art or youth agency)
  • have a professional artist website or are represented in a professional website (youth excluded), and 
  • have participated in at least three professional-level art exhibitions or public art projects to apply (youth excluded).

Submittal of Artist Applications

Artist applications will be handled through an online application process at the project website: bcchcallforartists.com. Please refer to the website for complete information on the application process, including the most up-to-date version of this Call for Artists, the application form, and “how to apply” instructions. Applications will be accepted starting on March 23, 2016. Completed applications must be submitted on or before May 06, 2016 at 5:00 pm. 


Aesthetics, Inc. has been hired as the art consultants for the project, to assist in the selection of artists, contracting/commissioning of artwork, and the coordination of installation. The Aesthetics, Inc. project manager is Sorina Igreti, Manager of Arts Programs, and all inquiries should be addressed to her in writing, via the website address indicated below. 


All questions concerning this Call for Artists must be submitted through the project website bcchcallforartists.com. Direct your questions to info@bcchcallforartists.com We ask that you submit your questions by April 1, 2016. Answers to questions of general interest will be posted publicly on the website on April 8, 2016.  

For any/all matters regarding this Call for Artists, we kindly request that interested parties refrain from contacting the administration, staff or employees of BC Children’s Hospital and/or BC Children’s Hospital Foundation. Any attempts to do so will result in immediate removal of the artist’s current application and/or future submission from the list of considered entries. 

Important Note  

This Call for Artists may be amended from time to time, as needed, and will be available in its most up-to-date form on the website bcchcallforartists.com. Artists are encouraged to check the website for updates or modifications. 

Children’s Healing Experience Project Vision, Mission Statement and Guiding Principles  

Vision:  To be a premier children’s hospital healing experience program. 

Mission:  To create inspirational healing experiences that engage and comfort children, youth, family and staff and support health outcomes by integrating curated, purposeful arts to improve patient care and the physical environment.  

Guiding Principles:
To have an arts program that: 

  • Proactively meets the needs of children, youth, families and staff
  • Includes all ages, diverse cultures, and abilities  
  • Uses evidence-based design principles to ensure the arts program is measurable and enduring
  • Provides opportunities for learning, play, and positive distraction
  • Collaborates with families, health care teams, stakeholders and the broader community
  • Acknowledges the generosity of our community
  • Accentuates the beauty and diversity of BC and Yukon
  • Celebrates the arts of BC and Yukon
  • Supports wayfinding on the Oak Street campus

About the Teck Acute Care Centre at BC Children’s Hospital

BC Children’s Hospital is the province’s only full-service, pediatric acute care hospital and serves the one million children living in BC and Yukon.  All children who are seriously ill or injured are referred to Children’s Hospital and are either treated at the hospital facility in Vancouver or, with consultation from Children’s specialists, in their home community.

The Teck Acute Care Centre will be the new heart of BC Children’s Hospital.  It is currently under construction on the Oak Street campus.  The new building will be a 640,0000 sq foot facility that houses the Emergency Department, Medical Imaging, Pediatric Intensive Care Unit, Procedures Suites, all Inpatient areas and the Oncology program

Please follow this link to view a rendered video of the project at http://www.phsa.ca/newcw.  In addition, also view this news story to learn more http://globalnews.ca/video/2417053/b-cchildrens-hospitals-new-general-manager-has-special-connection-to-facility. The construction was launched in Fall of 2014 and the building will open in November 2017. Under the current schedule, art will be installed in the Fall of 2017. Schedule is subject to change based on construction. 

Wayfinding Themes for the Building 

The wayfinding themes of the building represent the different ecosystems of British Columbia.  Placement of artwork in the building may help reinforce these wayfinding themes, however selection and placement of the artwork will not strictly follow these themes. The Committee would like the artwork to help create a whimsical environment with moments of surprise and the unexpected.
First Floor – BC Harbour and Underwater – Emergency and Imaging
Third Floor – Meadow – Renal Dialysis and Anesthesia Care unit, General Procedures 
Fourth Floor – Meadow – Pediatric Intensive Care Unit, Special Procedures, Anesthesia Care Unit  
Fifth Floor – mechanical level and public roof garden
Sixth Floor – Forest – medical surgical inpatient
Seventh Floor – Forest – medical surgical inpatient
Eighth Floor – Mountain – Oncology 

Art Guidelines

We are looking for quality art that celebrates the ecological and cultural diversity within the region the hospital serves – BC and Yukon. Artwork should evoke messages of hope and healing for children, youth family, staff and visitors. We will consider a wide variety of media including sculpture, two-dimensional and three-dimensional artwork, original art, oil, watercolor, and acrylic paintings, limited edition prints, giclee prints, mixed media art, glass, mosaics, sculpture, fabric art, collages, illustrations and photography. Existing and commissioned artwork will be considered. Art will be placed in a variety of areas, as described in the categories below. We are looking for art that is inventive, engaging, evokes positive emotions and offers opportunities for interaction and positive distraction. The art selected for this project will be required to conform to the spirit of the Children’s Healing Experience Project Mission Statement and Guiding Principles, as stated above.  All artwork will also need to meet hospital infection control and safety standards.  

Artist Selection Criteria

Criteria used to select artists for this project will be:

  • Quality, creativity and strength of artwork workmanship.
  • Ability to support the mission and guiding principles, as stated above, and support the desired population.
  • Technical competence
  • Aptitude for planning, adhering to schedules and budgets, and working collaboratively.
  • Artwork that meets hospital infection control and safety standards.


Artwork will be funded through the generosity of the community through donations to BC Children’s Hospital Foundation. 

Artist Compensation

The budget amount quoted for artwork is all-inclusive and must cover the scope that is described in each section: design, design revisions, installation drawings (where required), all materials, labor and fabrication costs, insurance costs, shipping or transportation to the site or framer, preparation for installation, travel expenses, and site visits. Artists creating images for murals will be compensated for layout concept design and providing high resolution images. Artist will not be responsible for final file prep.  The printing and installation of the murals are paid for out of another fund and artist will not be responsible. Artists selected for commission will be paid a portion of the total fee for their design services. For specific feature commissions, as indicated below, the artist will be present on-site for the installation, and the commission fee will include all costs of travel, delivery and installation. 

The actual fee for commission or price for purchase will not exceed the wholesale price customarily charged by the Artist for similar artworks when sold to a gallery.  BC Children’s Hospital is fundraising to support the costs of this project, and will also be grateful for any selected artists who wish to donate their talent in-kind to the project.

Description of Artwork Being Sought

This Call for Artists asks for applications to include a selected portfolio of artists’ existing work, not new designs or models created specifically for this project.  Once the potential artists are reviewed and selected, they will be given a contract to design to specific specifications and areas. Art examples for each category are available on the website at bcchcallforartists.com.
Art requirements, locations and quantities are based on plans for the Teck Acute Care Centre, and are subject to change based on construction. Final locations, quantities and fees will be documented in the fabrication or purchase contracts. All dollar amounts shown are in Canadian Dollars.  

Feature Commissions - Sculpture [Categories A through G]
Category A. Landmark Sculptures for Gardens  4 @ $20,000 each (including installation)  
There are several areas both interior and exterior where the inclusion of a three-dimensional sculpture would enhance the patient and family experience. The sculpture will represent a memorable, easy to identify image that will function as a landmark to support the wayfinding journey. Artwork should be between 5 feet to 8 feet in total height and be engaging to view and touch, without damage to the artwork or the viewer.  

Category B. Cast Bird Sculptures (approximate 80 total) on the first floor (Healing Garden) $25,000 to $40,000 total, depending on the final number, material and size of sculptures (including installation) 
Between the building is the Healing Garden, an area of respite for families and distraction for children. A rendering of the architectural inspiration for the area is available on the website in the information package. Playground posts are provided by general contractor under a different contract. Art should be engaging, possibly interactive and evoke elegant whimsy. Art should be able to be touched without damage to the artwork or the viewer. 

Category C. Exterior Grade Cast Animals indigenous to the Pacific Northwest $12,500 total. On the first floor there is a garden area where climbable sculptures of Animals of the Pacific Northwest would create a more playful experience for the children. Cast Bronze, Cast Resin or GRFC will be considered. We are looking to commission one artist to create this artwork. Art should be engaging and able to be touched without damage to the artwork or the viewer.   

Category D. Interior Grade Cast Animals indigenous to the Pacific Northwest $12,500 total.  On the first floor, in the main lobby there is an area where climbable sculptures of Animals of the Pacific Northwest would create a more playful experience for the children.  Wood, Acrylic, Multimedia, Cast Bronze, Cast Resin or GRFC will be considered. We are looking to commission one artist to create this artwork. Art should be engaging and able to be touched without damage to the artwork or the viewer.   

Category E. Small Interactive Sculptures for Waiting Spaces $5,000 each 
In various waiting spaces there is a need for small interactive sculptures to appeal to children ages 1 year to 18 years. Some waiting spaces are differentiated for younger and older children.  Maintenance and the ability to keep the sculptures germ free is of the ultimate importance.  Artwork will need to be wiped down with germicides several times a day. Artwork should be able to be secure and be free from any sharp corners or objects.

Category F. Play Sculpture – Main Lobby $80,000 - $100,000 total including installation.  In the main lobby on the first floor, there is a designated 8 ft wide x 8 ft deep and 16 ft tall area for a large interior grade fort like play sculpture for children. A rendering of the lobby architecture and interior design is available on the website in the information package. Art should be engaging, possibly interactive and support the other artwork in the lobby as well as the wayfinding theme. Sculpture to be climbable and touchable without damage to the artwork or the viewer.

Feature Commissions – Two-dimensional Artwork [Categories H through L]

Category H. Artwork for Graphics $2,000 - $25,000 per treatment room or area 
Original Artwork to be designed, and created for specific murals throughout the various treatment spaces of the hospital. Artwork will be digitized and applied to a variety of materials such as FRL Fiber reinforced Laminate, Acrovyn (Wall Protection) and Vinyl Wall Covering. A vendor will be selected to do all fabrication, and installation is provided by the general contractor. Artwork to create in high resolution and enlarged 2, 3, or 4 times to create different sized murals that are either full height or half height in a variety of lengths from 5 to 15 meters in length.  Media can be photography, original paintings, or digital artwork in a variety of realistic styles that relate to the wayfinding themes on each of the floors. Artist will be paid a fixed fee based on the complexity and surface area assigned to each artist.  Deliverable will be concept design in elevation, with two revisions and delivery of final high resolution files suitable for final layout and printing with one revision to the high resolution image. Artist will not be responsible for providing final file preparation for printing. The committee is interested in reviewing artist’s portfolios who have the interest and experience of doing large scale mural layout artwork that has a narrative quality that will both attract patients and engage them in something that is educational.  Many of the murals will be placed in treatment spaces where positive distraction is extremely therapeutic. 

Children’s Hospital Foundation is grateful for artist’s participation in the project and is looking for artists willing to do this work as an honorarium which may be less than their typical licensing fees.   

Category I. Original Artwork (in a variety of media)    $1,000 to $10,000 each
Throughout the building there is opportunity for original wall artwork in a variety of sizes and materials from canvas, board, ceramic, metal, wood, to glass. Artwork would be commissioned based on the wayfinding themes of the different floors. [Giclees, photography or limited editions will not be considered for this category.] These are areas of potential stress for families as they wait and rest. This imagery is designed to support the patient and visitor journey. We are considering pieces with a variety of image sizes, minimum of 30 inches high and 40 inches wide. 

Category J. Giclee Prints $200 to $450 each, depending on size (unframed)
For patient rooms, diagnostic and treatment rooms, sleep rooms and exam rooms, original print works on paper, limited edition giclees, watercolor, photography, or other original media will be considered. We are looking for artworks that are approximately 30 inches wide by 24 inches high in image size. We will consider one piece per room and will look for art that lends a sense of calm and peace to patients and their visitors. 

Category K. Artwork for Ceiling Panels $200 - $900 usage rights for each digital image
We are soliciting the rights to utilize digital versions of Original Artwork that can be printed onto acoustical ceiling panels.  A vendor will be selected to do all of the printing.  Artist to provide high (300dpi) resolution imagery that can be used for printing up to three times for the project.  Artwork should be thematic based on the wayfinding themes on each floor.

Category L. Corridor and Conference Area Artwork $500 to $800 each (unframed) 
There are a variety of corridor wall locations and conference areas that will benefit from works of art. Original mixed media works on paper or canvas, watercolor or other similar art approaches, illustrations, photography and limited editions will be considered. We will consider artwork in a series of pieces that will provide a positive distraction. We are looking for pieces with an image size of 30 inches x 40 inches for these areas.  

Artist Selection Schedule
Applications will be handled through an online application process at the project website:
bcchcallforartists.com. Applications will be accepted starting on March 23, 2016. Completed applications must be submitted on or before May 06, 2016, 5:00pm Pacific Daylight Time. 

Tentative Project Schedule - Feature Artists for Categories A-L:


BCCH Art Review Committee Meets:
Scoring and Evaluation of Feature Artist applications

May 2016

Prospective Feature Artists notified about submission results

June 2016

Design Contracts released to selected Feature Artists

June 2016

Designs from Feature Artist due to BCCH Art Review Committee

August 2016

BCCH Art Review Committee Meets:
Review #1 of Feature Artist designs 

August 2016

BCCH Art Review Committee comments forwarded to Feature

August  2016

Revised Designs from Feature Artist due to BCCH Art Review Committee 

September 2016

BCCH Art Review Committee Meets:
Review #2 of Feature Artist designs 

October 2016

Contracts released to selected Collection Artists

September/ November 2016


Final high resolution digital artwork for all murals will need to be delivered by October 1 2016

Final non-digital artwork will have a completion date of May 31, 2017 for unframed art and June/July 2016 for all other artwork.  

Notification: Artists will be notified via email about the results of their applications. The Children’s Healing Experience Project Committee is not obligated to notify artists when incomplete entries are received and incomplete entries will not be reviewed. It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure that entries are complete and submitted by the stated deadline.

Responsibility for Application Costs: BC Children’s Hospital Foundation (BCCHF) and Aesthetics, Inc. are not liable for any cost incurred by any person responding to this invitation. The applicant is fully responsible for all application costs. BCCHF and Aesthetics, Inc. do not assume any contractual or financial obligation as a result of the issuance of this request, the preparation and submission of an application by a respondent, the evaluation of an accepted application, or the selection of finalists.

Application Acceptance/Rejection: The Children’s Healing Experience Project Committee, at its sole discretion, reserves the right to reject any or all applications received and to accept or reject any or all of the items in the application. The Committee reserves the right to negotiate with any respondent after applications are opened, if such action is deemed to be in hospital’s best interest. The Committee’s acceptance and review of an application or submitted application, artwork concept, or artwork design does not constitute a commitment on the part of the committee to award a commission to any artist.

Decline to Award: The Children’s Healing Experience Project Committee, at its sole discretion, reserves the right to not award some or all of the commissions to any artist.

Copyright: A version of the following language will appear in the commission or purchase contracts:
The Artist retains all copyrights to any and all of the Artist’s applications, designs, and submissions and, except as provided below, to the Artwork. 
Irrevocable License to Reproduce for the benefit of the hospital: The Artist hereby grants BC Children’s Hospital Foundation (BCCHF), without charge to BCCHF, irrevocable license to make, or cause to be made, photographs, digital images or other two-dimensional reproductions of the Artwork or the Artwork Design for arts program fundraising, educational, public relations, tourist and arts program promotional purposes, without payment of a royalty to the Artist. The following are among those deemed to be permissible reproductions for the above cited purposes: in presentations, websites brochures and pamphlets pertaining to the arts program at BCCHF; in exhibition catalogues, books, slides, photographs, postcards, posters, and calendars; in art magazines, art books and art and news sections of newspapers; in general books and magazines not primarily devoted to art; as well as on slides, CDs, DVDs, film strips, video, computer files, websites and television.

Any original drawings, or original works of art that are created specifically for enlargement for murals will be considered part of the deliverable to BCCH and BCCH will have the right to display them in any of their facilities.