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Thank you for your interest, but the
2016 BC Children’s Hospital Foundation
Call for Artists for the Teck Acute Care
Centre is now closed.

Thank you to all who have applied for
the tremendous response.

Questions and Answers
BC Children’s Hospital Foundation Children’s Healing Experience Project

Question: Will you consider submissions from permanent residents of Canada?
Answer: Yes, permanent residents of Canada may apply.

Question: Can I apply if I cannot obtain specific Letters of Recommendation?
Answer: Letters of Recommendation can be generic (not addressed to in this specific Call for Art), can be from a gallery owner, collector, or museum contact, and can be repeated if one artist is applying for multiple categories. If no Letter is available, you can still submit an application, with a statement explaining why the application should be considered without Letters of Recommendation

Question: What if I am interested in donating a piece of art?
Answer: Please complete the application, and indicate that you would like to donate art. We will evaluate how the donated art might be used in the collection

Question: Is there a technical problem with the file size of upload files?
Answer: Yes, we had a temporary problem accepting large files.  The problem was fixed on April 5th.The website now accepts files up to 10 MB, the maximum allowable application size.

Question: What is the maximum number of images?  (The application requests 20 images, but there is only room for 15 jpeg files.)
Answer: We apologize for the error; the application now allows up to 20 images.

Question: What is the best way to upload my files?
Answer: Please see the instructions in the “How to Apply” tab.  Files must be combined into a folder, then “zip” the folder and upload that zipped file.

Question: If I lived in Canada for a number of years but now live in another country, may I apply?
Answer: Yes, the call is open to all Canadian citizens regardless of their current residence.

Question: Can an artist or artist-team submit more than one entry, either in the same or in different categories,
say two entries for item A or one entry for A and one entry for B?
Answer: You may submit for multiple categories. Instructions are in the How to Apply document.

Question: Can you check out my website and let me know if my work would fit for this project?
Answer: No, we have described the art criteria for this call. We simply do not have the time to review Artists'

Question: Regarding the qualifications, does an art blog count as a professional website?
Answer: Yes, as long as the artist's artwork is featured.

Question: Currently I am almost sold out of my original paintings. Will you also consider high quality Giclee prints of my originals?
Answer: There are areas in the Call under category "J" and "L" where we are considering high quality prints.

Question: Will there be a need for exterior sculptures, say in a courtyard?
Answer: Yes, please see items in categories A through C in the call for art document

Question: I would like to submit because I find my work is very popular with children. My website is through a
group webste. Does this meet your definition of a "professional website"?
Answer: It meets the requirement as long as the art is featured on this website.

I am a visual artist who would also like to propose artworks that do not resemble my current body of
work. I'd like to submit ideas for more whimsical artworks that have not yet been made. What types of materials
are necessary for the application - i.e. sketches, descriptions?
Answer: Please refer to the call for art. We are looking for portfolios of existing work, but please feel free to write a written description of your ideas for this project.

Question: Copyright information. No problem with the list of possible uses but if an image is used per this list, is
the image attributed to the artist?
Answer: Yes, the hospital will attribute the work to the artist where feasible, but cannot guarantee how the press attributes the work.

Question: Kindly clarify dimensions for works of art in Category J. Is the specified image size of 24 x 30 inches intended to be w x h?
Answer: Usually height by width unless designated as other.

Answers to questions of general interest, received on or before April 1, 2016, will be posted on this website on April 8, 2016

Question: Do the examples illustrated in my portfolio need to be paintings available for use in the project?
Answer:  Examples from your portfolio do not need to be available. The committee will be reviewing the body of artwork as samples of your style.

Question: I am confused about what exactly you want. At some points, you say 'ideas and proposals' and at other times, it is for existing work only. Can you clarify?
Answer: We are asking for a portfolio of your existing artwork. Any ideas or proposals you have for original commissions can be described in the ""Statement of Interest"" section of the application form.  

Question: What is the budget range for oils on canvas?
Answer: The price will not exceed the wholesale price customarily charged by the artist for similar artworks when sold to a gallery.  Each category has a range of prices budgeted for each artwork category, listed in the Call for Artists.

Question: Would a school application work?     
Answer: Yes, a school application could work.

Question: Are there any rules concerning second languages, or even considerations of multiple languages?
Answer: We are very open to seeing artworks that are in multiple languages.

Question: Can you elaborate on how youth can apply? Can a parent act as agent?
Answer: A parent can apply as a legal agent for a child, subject to Canadian legal guidelines.

Question: I am an exhibited artist but do not have my own website. May I still submit a proposal? 
Answer:  Please include any group websites you are a part of and a list of your exhibitions.

Question: Can I submit info on my art history with sketch books?
Answer: Please fill out the application and submit your work digitally.

Question: I have not had any gallery shows. I have been a professional photographer for 20 years.  Can I still apply?
Answer: Yes

Question: I would like to propose and show some kinetic pieces. Is it possible to post Youtube movies of work to be adapted as part of a written proposal? 
Answer: Yes, you can submit the Youtube links.

Question: For Category L, you are seeking artwork that is unframed. I create custom steel, glass and flamed-acrylic frames for my images. Can I submit these as a unit? 
Answer: Yes.

Question: Do I have a good chance if I don’t live in BC or Yukon?
Answer:  Yes, our call is open to artists across Canada.

Question: I would like to submit a grouping of paintings under Category I. They are either 10""x10"" or 12""x12"". I have a photo of the grouping together that is approximately 7'x5'. Would this fit the application? 
Answer: Yes, there are areas where a grouping may work.

Question: For original artwork, the criteria stipulates ""works on paper or canvas"". Are paintings on hardboard suitable as well? (Masonite board on wood framework).
Answer: Yes.

Question: For the Category J, do the Giclée have already been printed, or can they be original paintings that the artist will arrange to get made into Giclée later if they are selected?
Answer: They can be printed at a later time.

Question: Are all the murals going to be printed digitally--or, would you consider a mural painted by hand, on site?
Answer: All the murals will need to be printed digitally to ensure easy maintenance.

Question: Is it ok if I visit the hospital to see the space?
Answer: No, the building is currently under construction and we do not have access for tours.  Should you be selected by the committee to create artwork for a mural, we will provide elevations and blueprints to orient you to the space.

Question: I am presently working with natural lichens and leaves to produce sculptures. Could you please advise me as to the criteria for the necessary safety precautions for work?
Answer: Artwork should not deteriorate over time and not release any toxic gasses, or be a medium for any microbes to grow. Sculpture should be safe to touch and withstand daily cleaning with hospital grade cleaning products.

Question: I have shown and sold my art in members shows, artfest, local art shows and from my Facebook page.  Would these qualify as professional sales? 
Answer: Yes.

Question: Once selected, are we to have a time frame for which to complete a painting?
Answer: There will be between 3-6 months for artists to create their works after selected and designed.

Question: Do artists need to provide frames?
Answer:  No, we are not asking artists to frame pieces.

Question: Can I apply for more than one project? If so, do I need to fill out an online application for each project?
Answer: Yes, you can apply for more than one category. You can duplicate information like the resume for each category submittal. Each category submittal needs to be contained in one zipped file.

Question: Can I apply as a collective art group?
Answer: Yes.

Question: Is there any cost to apply?
Answer: No, there is no cost to apply.

Question: I cannot find the dimensions of commissioned art on the site.
Answer: We are considering pieces with a variety of image sizes, for two dimensional work, please see full size descriptions in Categoy H, I and L. 

Question: Are you looking for one or multiple artists to create the cast birds?
Answer: One.

Question: If the artists intend on making new work for the mural category of this project, how much time is there between notification of a ""go ahead"" and delivery of the final images?
Answer: The mural category has the fastest deadline, to meet construction deadlines.  Artists will have 3 months to complete their work for murals.

Question: I have a number of sculptures that are completed in clay but not yet cast in bronze. Would these works be acceptable for inclusion in my images section of my submission?
Answer: Yes, please include in your submission.

Question: In the How to Apply Document, Item 4 on page 2, there is a reference to include ""a short written description of your ideas"" that are not reflected in the submitted images.  Where and how are these descriptions to be included in the submission? 
Answer: In the ""Statement of Intent"" section of the application form.

Question:  My work is abstract, yet naturalistic, and expresses color, light, space and energy.  Should I apply?
Answer: Yes, please submit your work and the Art Review Committees will make the decisions.